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Be the change you wish to see in the world by studying in BIHER. Calling all students to realize their dreams from our best-in-class campus with reputed faculty and world class infrastructure.

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Bharath University Admission
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Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023

About Us

Your platform to global competence

To support and augment an organized University – wide environment of research excellence where faculty are inspired and challenged to drive the boundaries of knowledge foundation. To motivate research leaders in India and around the world to partner with us in the expansion of knowledge discovery and the translation of discoveries into tangible benefits for society internationally. To be the voice of the research community at BIHER and in all ways, ensure the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial and physical resources to foster an environment of research excellence throughout the University. Explore B.Tech Admissions 2024 today!

Why Choose BIHER

Get ready for a global future

Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
Bharath B.Tech Admission
Ranking and Accreditation

Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research is the 1st Private University in India to get the coveted international accreditation from ABET, USA in the year 2018. Having other accreditations such as NAAC, NBA, NABL, ISO and Rankings from NIRF, QS-World ranking, MHW, Global Impact Ranking .


Multidisciplinary campus for an aggregate of 180+ plus courses have begun and preparation for our new batch of young intellectuals at Bharath are underway. The Sky is a neighborhood for every individual with high dreams and goals; no ceiling holding you down at our halls of knowledge.


The Initiatives & Collaborations segment leads the university in forging partnerships with foreign institutions in matter relating to academic exchanges, such as signing memoranda of understanding to facilitate faculty and student exchanges, and promoting global advances in pedagogy and teaching-learning BIHER has partnered with Foreign Universities to promote various forms of academic programs and initiatives.

Assured Placements

With expanding the role of business globally, BIHER is the place which comes to the minds of the recruiters once the placement season starts. We focus not only on the career-oriented growth but offers versatility. There has been a consistent growth in our placements record.

Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023

Discover your future without limitations

At BIHER we have been fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship for almost four decades now. That’s why, we offer our students a start-up seed fund of $1 million at the end of their studies. As a future-driven University, we believe in our students’ potential to bring about ripples of revolution across the world. Join our university today and be the trailblazer of tomorrow.

Introducing BRICKS

Bharath Research and Innovation Council for Knowledge Society (BRICKS) program for students students from all academic disciplines, this launch pad helps those interested in innovation, invention, and creative approaches to entrepreneurship.

BRICKS is the creative process of exploring ideas, identifying problems and solutions, testing assumptions, thinking strategically, building teams, and iterating through continuous discovery. For some participants, this process leads to venture creation. For others, it leads to critical thinking and skills that better positions them to become global leaders and citizens.

BRICKS - Features

CAMPUS-WIDE ACCESSIBILITY open to students across all majors, with a focus on inclusive entrepreneurship.

ONE-STOP CONNECTIONS to the university’s robust network of entrepreneurial resources, programs and activities, through a “hub and spoke model” that is highly collaborative.

ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING that cultivates entrepreneurial thinking and helps ventures from ideation to acceleration. The BRICKS program can be applied to for-profit and non-profit enterprises, and can facilitate innovation within organizations, as well as new venture development.

SPECIALIZED TOOLS to help get startups off the ground and scale, including an exclusive technology platform developed by BIHER for ventures to showcase their ideas.

INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM-BUILDING that fosters a team approach to ideation and venture formation, utilizing collaboration and cross-functional teams to accelerate innovation.

ACCESS TO WORLD-CLASS CONTENT AND SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, including materials developed by the BIHER, as well as connections to industry experts.

REGIONAL, NATIONAL AND GLOBAL CONNECTIONS to venture leaders and top accelerators to share best practices, engage with successful entrepreneurs, expand networks, and find partners.

CAMPUS CHALLENGES, AND NATIONAL, STATE AND REGIONAL BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITIONS that provide opportunities to connect and compete, win state and national prizes, and earn seed funding.

WORKSHOPS AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS to build competence through experiential learning, and highly ranked BIHER entrepreneurship based education programs.

CONNECTIONS TO FUNDERS AND AN INVESTMENT-READY ROADMAP that can help ventures prepare for funding, find sources of capital, and advance through the capital continuum.

NETWORKING EVENTS that build a university-wide innovation infrastructure, bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and funders, as well as technical service providers..

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Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
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thriving community

A culture of collaboration that drives innovative discoveries vital to our world, our health and our intellectual life

Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world

Acres of Sprawling Green Campuses

Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023

Corporates & MNCS visited

Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023

Faculties from India & Abroad

Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023

Alumni spread across the globe

Campus Life

An extraordinary freedom of opportunity

A thriving community of creative and accomplished people from around the world. A rich tradition of fostering creativity and a vibrant arts district on campus.
innovative discoveries

Culture of collaboration

It was amazing to learn at Bharath University, a memory to cherish for lifetime. Being a research university it gave me an opportunity to innovate different things with right mentorship and enabling me to a successful entrepreneurship career.

Department of Computer Science


Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
B.Tech Admission
Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
Bharath B.Tech Admission 2023
We are committed to making a world-class education affordable.

Admissions 2024

Students come from across the world, representing diverse experiences, backgrounds and cultures. We review each applicant with an eye to academic excellence, intellectual vitality and personal context.
Bharath B.Tech Admission
Bharath B.Tech Admission
Bharath B.Tech Admission